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Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Belen, Socorro,

All of Central-New Mexico


Central New Mexico Bee Removals


We remove Honey Bee Swarms, our removals involve removing live Bees from trees, buildings., sheds, walls and commercial buildings. If you have unwanted Bees swarm and you live in or near Belen New Mexico, USA. Please Call Us. Estimates with options.

Gives us a try the Bees will be Happy you did. Remove Bees Now!


  PLEASE review the Identification page

And read the Bee Removal Faqs page


Then Contact us, our contact info is below for your Free Assessment and Estimate

We Are Not Exterminators

Bee Removal Service
Honey Bee Swarm Removal
Remove Bees from Wall
Commercial Bee Removal


We Charge for removals, and offer reasonable prices for our services.


Removing established hives is intense difficult physical time consuming work, with risks. The removal process requires special equipment, tools, ladders, and may require man lifts, bucket trucks, chainsaws and assistants. With the high costs of equipment, gas, hiving, etc, there is a need to charge for my service.  We offer our removal service in an effort to save Honey Bees and to help insure the genetic diversity of our feral N.M. honey bees, through their continued propagation.


****We accept donations to help offset costs associated with providing charity work to those who find themselves unable to pay due to financial hardship.  Individuals seeking assistance will have to demonstrate financial hardship ( application required).

If we Helped You Out Please Consider Paying It Forward and Donate!!


 Thank You for Helping to SAVE our precious Honey Bees.


When resources are available we provide a limited number of ("Free Removals"***) to those who are facing financial hardship and are willing to complete our application process for assistance.  If this is your situation, please call us and we will explain the process of validating your financial hardship, and place you on the waiting list. As resources become available we will take those in most immediate need. Please note we only perform Free Removals between April 1st and August 15th.

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