Honey Bee Colony Removal & Swarm Capture.
Focus Central New Mexico
& Surrounding Areas

Honey Bee Colony removal, bees are rescued and placed into hives to support our environment and for agricultural purposes. We offer reasonable & competitive rates. Call or email us for a quote, Our contact information is at the bottom of this web page.


  • Removal from Buildings, Sheds, Fences, Trees etc.

  • Residential

  • Commercial-Farm & Ranch


As you might have noticed our Motto is; " We help Honey Bees with People Problems".

Our Mission statement is to rescue live Honey Bee Colonies from areas where they are at risk to extermination and to Re-Hive these colonies and place them into agricultural production, while retaining their Genetic makeup.

The colonies we rescue are used by many people in their beekeeping pursuits and are the basis for our Honey Bee products.


To support our vision to save, protect and preserve Honey Bees we offer several services.

First and foremost we offer Honey Bee Removal Services in the New Mexico, USA area, we focus on central New Mexico.

Private and group BeeKeeping Lessons, and Group Lectures.

Organic Farm Pollination Services,

Rent to Own your own Hive or Hosting Arrangements,

Honey Bee related products.

PLEASE support our efforts and BUY products through our advertisement Links!

BeeKeeping Lessons
  • Private Lessons

  • Group Lessons

  • Presentations

  • Hive Management problems

BeeKeeping Lessons, we provide both private and group beekeeping lesson in the New Mexico area.


We also provide low cost e-Books on Beekeeping

Contact us for Rates and availability.


We look forward to helping you with your Bee Adventure.

Pollination Services
  • Organic Farmers

  • Increase your production

  • support Honey bee habitat needs.

We offer hive rental for pollination services in New Mexico, lessors should be organic farms or they must abstain from using herbicides or fungicides or pesticides on their crop or lands.

  • We offer our Hive hosting Co-Operatives.  Our Co-Op partners are willing to host 10-24 Hives on their property (Must be within a 20 Miles North of Belen, or 40 miles South of Belen, NM, along the Rio Grande Valley to be considered, minumum 1.5 acres and water source available) Co-Op participants share in the Honey harvest contact us if you qualify for details.

  • Crop Share Opportunities available in exchange for Pollination services.

Our Honey Bee Products
  • 100% Pure Raw Honey

  • Use  as a food,

  • Make your own medicinal products,

  • Bees Wax, Propolis, Apitherapy

Contact us if you would like to purchase Honey, Beeswax, Pollen, or for our Apitherapy products.


Honey Bee Package, and Established Bee Hives Colonies for sale (seasonal) or Lease (When Available) contact us if you are interested.


All our products are from our apiary or Bee Yard, except for special h

Honey varieties that we may import for gourmet and medicinal purposes.


Give our products or advertisers a try and know you are supporting our Bee rescue Mission.

Need more Information?

Honey Bee Removal Estimates?

Need Honey or other products?

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Antiguas Del Norte

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Business Hours:

Monday through Sunday: 7am-9pm


Tel: 505-861-1693

Fax: 505-861-1693

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"Honey","Honey Bee Removal"
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