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e-Books for Sale

BeeKeeping, Brewing, Gardening,  Warre Hives.


Please check out these E-Books.

If traveling and paying to take lessons is a prohibitive and added expense that is keeping you from Beekeeping.

Then let us recommend these easy to purchase E-books as an alternative.

Just click on the E-Book purchase to be sent to a secure payment processor, then get your digital download.

Bee Keeping fro Beginners
Bee Keeping e-Book
Bee Keepers Bible
BeeKeepers Bible
Warre Hive Plans for Bee Keepers
Warre Bee Hive Plans
BeeKeeping 101+++


Finally - something for beginners!

Beekeeping Is The Big Buzz Word Right Now, Learn How To Become A Beekeeper With This Easy To Follow Guide. Author Provides Full Email Support And Owns One Of The Largest Beekeeping Forums On The Internet


“Discover How Thousands of People, Just Like You, Have Turned Their Beekeeping Dreams Into Reality


Imagine that you are sitting on your deck enjoying the sun on a summer afternoon. You can see the red and green of your tomato plants in your garden.

And you can hear the buzzing and humming of the honeybees in your garden beehive.

Introducing The Beekeeping Bible.


A Beekeeping Guide + including Video's inside

Discover Janet's Beekeeping Secrets, Free Farm Tour Inside.


Follow Janet on the farm and see her life as a beekeeper. Taking her tour is sure to encourage any want to be, Beekeeper.  She will be Sharing Some things she has seen with you that have never been told or discovered or at least haven't been reported.


This e-Book is Filled With Instructions, Along With History and Understanding. Plus, Janet's view of "A Promise of Hope." for the Honey Bees.

The Warre Garden Hive is a Low Impact, Low Cost, Chemical Free.
Organic and Sustainable Vertical Top Bar Beehive.


Anyone capable of wielding a saw and a hammer will find this guide invaluable - particularly the very clear photographs - and you make it all very easy to follow with step-by step instructions.


The Author has included diagrams that expert woodworkers can use - and some great bonuses!!.  I personally recommend this publication to anyone thinking of building a vertical top bar hive - nothing else I have seen comes close.

Gardening for Honey Bees
Organic Gardening
Make Money
Organic Gardening
“It doesn’t matter if you have a small back garden or several acres of land, you can still develop a thriving business!”

Imagine being able to set your own hours…

Would that be nice? Doing what you love – organic gardening … and doing it when it suits your lifestyle. And can you imagine how great you’ll feel if you were getting PAID to do it?

Wouldn’t it be great to work from home?


“The authors claims he has friends that are earning between $200 and $250 a day doing what they love!” Did you hear that? $200-$250 a day! Plus, you can start your organic gardening business while you’re working at your current job. Some organic gardeners can easily make over $5,000 a month (that’s $60,000 a year). Not bad working from home, huh?

Catching Free Honey Bee Swarms
Swarm Catching Techiniques

Want Survivor Bees?


Are you paying $100-150 on a 3# package, or $150-200 on a nuc. Or for $ 9.75 you can buy the Swarm Trapping book and catch local bees year after year for almost FREE!  Besides getting free bees, their is a good chance of them being Varroa resistant!!  All you have to do is learn a little bit about swarm trapping. This is a book designed for the average person to go out and get-er-done! Save the bees, save the world. Good beekeeping!


  • How to build a swarm trap
  • How to bait a swarm trap
  • How to manage multiple traps easily
  • Where to place swarm traps for improving your chances
  • How to avoid swarm traps crashing
  • When to put swarm traps out
  • When to pick swarm traps up
  • How to avoid several pitfalls of swarm trapping
  • PLUS lots and lots of other little things that will improve your chances of catching swarms in your traps…

Top Bar Hive or Langstroth Options

Very simple to change a trap from one to the other.

Making Mead from Honey
Mead make your own Brew
The Ultimate
Home Brewers Recipe eBook


Create Your Own High Quality Beer/Mead With this Collection Of Over 640 Clone and Original Recipes.


Have you ever wanted to create your own deliciously tasty home brewed beer or MEAD? Brewing your own beer/mead is easier than you think. Get started today with Brewing KB's best selling collection of over 640 clone and original recipes.

Recipe Book Highlights

  • Hundreds Of Original and Clone Homebrew Recipes
  • Home Brew Recipes Designed For Novice And Advanced Brewers
  • All Grain, Partial Mash and Extract Home Brew Recipes
  • Free Access To Brewing Forums - Discuss Home Brewing, Brewing Recipes And More!
  • Safe and Secure Order Processing.
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